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The Don't Turn The Other Cheek Full Movie Download In Hindi

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a5c7b9f00b A self-proclaimed Russian prince, a Mexican bandit and a radical Irish female journalist team up during the Mexican Revolution to find fortune and notoriety.
A spaghetti western in which three adventurers team up during the Mexican Revolution. Mary O'Donnell, a radical Irish journalist, wants to foment a peasant revolt in Mexico. She enlists the help of a seedy bandit, Lozoya, by saving him from a death sentence in Utah. They meet a man calling himself Prince Dmitri Vassilovich Orlowsky, who claims to be a Russian prince, not to mention a man of the cloth. Wallach pretends to be a Mexican folk hero. The trio crosses the border, the two men seeking a cache of gold while O'Donnell pursues her revolution. Lozoya has the key to the gold, but Nero knows where the other half of the map is.
Bandit Eli Wallach and European con-man Franco Nero are in turn, set up, mistaken for, and masquerade as a flamboyant Mexican revolutionary and his military adviser, a Russian prince! The two know the partial whereabouts of a stashed fortune, but find it hard to get away from radical Irish journalist Lynn Redgrave long enough to go look for it.<br/><br/>A typical, quirky Italian political western, Don&#39;t Turn The Other Cheek isn&#39;t as good as Sergio Corbucci&#39;s Companeros (also with Nero) or the fantastic (and non-comedic) A Bullet For The General starring A Fistful Of Dollars Gian Maria Volante.<br/><br/>It&#39;s still a lot of fun though, with loads of action. Wallach and Nero have great comedic chemistry and should have been in more pictures together. On the other hand, with the exception of a few key scenes, Redgrave doesn&#39;t really have much to do.<br/><br/>One other familiar face is Nero&#39;s Django nemesis Eduardo Fajardo playing the film&#39;s number one heavy.
This one really needs a good DVD release. To my knowledge it&#39;s only available on an old VHS tape called DON&#39;T TURN THE OTHER CHEEK, with animated asses (donkeys) wiggling their behinds, totally out of character with the film, which is an action filled Eurowestern by the director of the popular Ringo films, Duccio Tessari. Franco Nero plays another of his European adventurers, this time a Russian, who is seeking a lost treasure. Eli Wallach portrays another version of his popular &quot;Tuco&quot; character, this time once more a Mexican after playing the Greek version in ACE HIGH. Throw in Lynn Redgrave (slightly out of place in a spaghetti) as an Irish revolutionary and you have a film that is reminiscent of Sergio Corbucci&#39;s two popular political westerns THE MERCENARY (1968) and COMPANEROS (1970), both of which are superior to this. However there&#39;s a lot to be said for LONG LIVE YOUR DEATH, especially since it&#39;s so hard to find; you&#39;ll find the search worthwhile, and in the meantime let&#39;s hope Anchor Bay, Wild East, or Blue Underground release a definitive DVD version.

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